Pick Up Where You Left Off

One of the best features of taking an online course is that you can work on it when it best fits into your busy schedule. DAI Institute has a Learning Management System (LMS) behind the scenes that keeps track of all the courses you are taking as well as your progress through an individual course. Here is a quick overview of how this works in the LMS. When you log in to DAI Institute, you will be taken to the “My Courses” page. This shows all your active courses and your percentage of completion. My Courses Once you have completed the first unit of your course, you need to click the green “Complete Lesson” button below the unit. Complete Lesson Button When you click that button, you will see this green box and the “Next Lesson” button just above the unit. Click that button to go to the next unit in your course. Next Lesson Button As you continue to follow these steps for your entire course, the LMS will be tracking where you leave off and make sure your progress has been marked. Finally, when you return to work on your course, you will see in the table of contents exactly where you left off. Module Progress
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    1. Hello! First, make sure you are registered as a learner, you can do this at the same location on the homepage as the area to login here: home login

      When you are signed up and logged in with your chosen username and password, you can then go to our page of courses and choose any or all you would like to take! All you have to do is click the button here: start taking course Note: this same button also says ‘start taking this course’ when logged in. Thanks!