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DAI Workshops.
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For over 25 years, DAI’s continual learning workshops have equipped hundreds of thousands of participants around the world to lead like Jesus. Each course raises issues that leaders in Africa, Asia, and Latin America face. It then prompts learners to think through and apply biblical principles and best management principles as they lead. (DAI’s staff also lead guided courses online and in-person.)

Our Courses

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Servant Leadership

Learn more about yourself and how to lead like Jesus. DAI’s hallmark course will give …

Ministry of Mentoring

Leaders need relationships—relationships that foster our growth, hold us accountable, and encourage us to press …

Facilitating Learning

Learn the interactive approach that makes DAI’s workshops transformative. This course shares the framework, skills, …

Fundraising for Ministry

Your organization needs funds to operate. You need skills and confidence to raise the funds. …

Women and Men Serving Together

Get a biblical vision for women and men leading together in families, churches, and societies. …

curriculum development

Curriculum Design

As a leader, you should teach more than just the courses you studied. This course …

culture ethnicity diversity

Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity

Challenge your assumptions about “others”: other people, other cultures, other ethnicities. This course will replace …

Introduction to Zoom for Hosts and Participants

Deliver your courses remotely using Zoom, the popular video conferencing tool. In this course, you …

Authors & Instructors

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Arthur Denyer

Daneli Ureña

Hani Morcos

Jane Overstreet

Jerry Rueb

John Rogers

M. D. Kinoti

Michele Breene

Paul Borthwick

Tertia Morcos

Thel Rountree