Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership


Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership provides a framework for a leadership approach that is biblical and that adheres to the standards of servant leadership that Jesus Christ modelled. It will encourage leaders to greater effectiveness and enable them to demonstrate greater integrity in their leadership.

  1. Introducing Servant Leadership
  2. Understanding Yourself
  3. Power
  4. Developing Others
  5. Building Teams
  6. Motivating Others for Excellence and Service
  7. Leading Change
  8. Mission, Vision and Values
  9. Resolving Conflict
  10. Integrity and Accountability

Participants will be able to …

  • Describe what it means to lead from a biblical perspective
  • Demonstrate that they lead more effectively and with greater integrity than before they attended the workshop
  • Demonstrate a greater understanding of their own leadership approaches and that they can use the power they have for the benefit of the organization they lead
  • Describe why delegation is important and demonstrate good delegation approaches in their leadership
  • Motivate the staff and volunteers that report to them effectively
  • Recognize where change is needed and manage that change productively
  • Give leadership to the revision or writing of mission, vision, and values statements
  • Resolve conflicts creatively
  • Establish effective accountability structures for their organisation and/or church

Upcoming Workshops

Servant Leadership is always available in DAI Institute.

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